Infographics: The Evolution of the Pokémon Video Game Franchise

Pokémon started out as ‘Capsule Monsters’ back in 1990, then just an idea in the head of Satoshi Tajiri. The Japanese game designer had spent his childhood catching tadpoles and bugs in his rural hometown.

After numerous rejected pitches, Nintendo picked up Tajiri’s idea. It was viewed as the perfect title for their new Game Boy system.

Capsule Monsters became Pocket Monsters (and then Pokémon outside of Japan). The lovable creatures were soon the talk of playgrounds across the world.

Pokémon video games are now one of the most popular and success franchises in the history of gaming. It trails only behind fellow Nintendo title Super Mario in the combined sales charts.

As well as the video games, there have been numerous hit movies, one of the greatest children’s animated shows of all time and trading cards that many 20+-year-olds still refuse to get rid of.

Pokémon video games have certainly come a long way since the Red & Green versions first dropped in Japan back in 1996. The franchise is still going strong to this day.

The evolution of Pokémon video games

Pokémon video games - ReleaseDay

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