Q1 January – March 2017: What Video Game Should I buy?


A multiple choice quiz to determine which video game you should buy in January-March 2017.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Outside of September, the rest of the year can be tough for fans of sports games. However, Don Bradman Cricket 17, released January 16th 2017, offers something to tide you over for a few months, with a detailed career mode that sees you rise from local amateur to world superstar.

The cheapest price for Don Bradman Cricket 17 is £41.85 on PS4 at SimplyGames, £42.85 on Xbox One at SimplyGames and 24.99 on PC at Steam.

Old Time Hockey

This is one that will appeal to sports gamers and non-sports gamers alike, as Old Time Hockey takes you back to the 1970s, where you will take part in the fictional Bush Hockey League. Forget about the hockey… Who’s down for a good ol’ punch-up?

Old Time Hockey is currently unavailable for pre-order, but is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Unfortunately, you will need a VR headset to play this one, but the £300 odd that you fork out will be well worth it. Ubisoft transport you into the USS Aegis, where you will strive to keep the ship moving as you search for a new home for the Vulcans.

The cheapest price for Star Trek: Bridge Crew is £41.99 on PS4 at Smyths Toys and £44.99 on PC at Ubisoft Store.

Halo Wars 2

Set in the Halo universe, this strategy game lets you command the battlefield from above, as humanity battles it out against the Banished, an alien group that split off from the Covenant prior to their demise.

The cheapest price for Halo Wars 2 is £39.85 on PC at Simply Games and £34.85 on Xbox One at ShopTo.


Samurais fighting evil spirit monster things. That should be enough to sell it, but if not, Nioh is a action RPG set in a 17th century Japan, which has been invaded by Yokai (supernatural beings) – it’s your job to improve your armour, weapons and skills in order to take thme down.

The cheapest price for Nioh is £41.99 on PS4 at Smyths Toys.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

A night in with the Baker family doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well it is. Resident Evil 7 sees the hit franchise return to its roots, stepping away from action-packed gameplay and refocusing on the tense, creepy stuff that made it such a hit. If you own a PS VR headset, this game is a must buy.

The cheapest price for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is £26.99 on PC at CD Keys, £41.99 on Xbox One at Gameseek and £42.00 on PS4 at Tesco Direct.

Sniper Elite 4

A great title for those that are bored of close combat shooter games. With maps at least three times bigger than its predecessor, more enemies to take out (including Adolf Hitler himself) and improved mechanics, Sniper Elite 4 is big, brutal and ultimately brilliant.

The cheapest price for Sniper Elite 4 is £39.85 on PS4 at ShopTo, £39.85 on Xbox One at ShopTo and £33.99 on PC at Green Man Gaming.

For Honor

Choose your faction and take to the battlefield in For Honor, Ubisoft’s medieval battlefield. Using an innovative combat system, players are pitted against rival warriors to fight to the death in a brutal war.

The cheapest price for For Honor is £32.75 on PC at Gameseek, £41.75 on Xbox One at Gameseek and £41.75 on PS4 at Gameseek.

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